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Dungeons New Dungeon in London imaginatively named DungeonHire Mar 25
Members New ProDomme in the Edgebaston area - TV Mistress Kelly Mar 25
Members - Lifestyles A third essay by sweh on his life in the BDSM scene. In the lifestyles section Nov 7
Market New postal address and phone for Kentucky Woman Oct 29
Members The Biographies area should now allow you to edit your entry or delete it if you wish. I have tried to match each existing biography to a member, but if you can not edit your entry, please mail me at May 20
Members-Gallery See {sweh}S helpless in a new set of pictures May 19
Members Biographies area should now work for all web clients, with or without javascript. Please mail me at if there are any problems! May 18
Contacts Contacts area should now work for all web clients with or without javascript! Please let me know at if there are problems! May 18
Members - Lifestyles sweh has written a second essay on how he has entered the BDSM scene, entitled '6 months on' May 12
Members We have probs with Javascript/Netscape. Our local server down til New Year. All will be fixed asap. Please bear with us. Dec18
Members-Storyboard Mistress Gale has written a great new story for our STORYBOARD section. Don't miss it:)))) Dec 10
Members See our new section within MEMBERS' area. 'LIFESTYLES' sweh has written an interesting account of his life in BDSM. If you would like to contribute your real life stories please send them in. Dec 4
Market Do you want something special to wear for that special Christmas perve party? Have a look at the new metalwear and nurses outfits from LadyBWear!! in MARKET Nov 21
Members-Gallery We have two new sets of pics in the GALLERY. See Duke-of-URL and WildfireUK at play Nov 5
Members Check out our CONTACTS section. (spot the new location:) Our techie has been working very hard to make it easier to search and to enter your details. You can go straight to your particular perve/preference now so good luck with your search:) Oct 15
Members Our BIOS section has now been improved for your ease of use. If you have tried in the past and had problems please try again. Oct 15
Market Have you seen the the great Dungeon Furniture in our MARKET sction. Jules is our latest advertiser. Oct 12
Members We have a new STAR CONTACT - look in the contacts listing for the names in gold. Mouse` has braved our questionnaire:) If you would like to be our next STAR CONTACT please mail me. Oct 2
Members-Storyboard 'Trust' a touching and lovely poem from mmmarie is our latest addition in STORYBOARD Sept 29
Advice Are you thinking of having a piercing? Don't miss effie's excellent advice and recommendations in the ADVICE section Sept 28
Members-Storyboard Don't miss the new story in STORYBOARD. A most interesting true life account. Sept 15
Members We have a new addition for our members in the PERSONAL SERVICES section Sept 14
Members Please note.... the PW DATABASE was corrupted last night. I am working on it and it will be fully operational in the next couple of hours. If you find you still cannot log in please contact me ASAP - Ophelia Sept 7
Market Have a look in the Market section. See the Fabulous new metalwear dresses from LadyBWear that will make you stand out from the crowd. Sept 6
Members-Gallery Don't miss the new pics in GALLERY from CmdrBond and his lovely sub Sept 4
Members We are looking for more STAR CONTACTS. Don't be shy, go see what it can do for you. Our new STAR CONTACT area can help you to stand out from the rest. Would YOU like to be a STAR CONTACT? Mail us NOW! Sept 4
Members News for all those on the Contact list. Would you like to give yourself a higher profile???? Our new STAR CONTACT area can help you to stand out from the rest. Would YOU like to be a STAR CONTACT? Mail us NOW! August 13
Members-Gallery We have been lucky enough to have wonderful pictures from LordSoth:)) Have a look in Gallery and see what you think:)) August 8
Members Have you visited the new 'Sites' area within Members? Wonderful bondage pics from BDSM Planet and the Roissy Society! August 1
Members We are all back safe and rested and brown:)) Working hard on the backlog of membership requests so if you have been waiting please try now. If you have any problems or queries please write to us July 26
Members subDOMinion is going on its world tour of the Peak District and Yorkshire:) Normal service will resume at the end of next week:)) (but don't worry - the pics will be changed on saturday as usual) 'The Management' xx July 14
Members-Competition Congratulations to 'CatsVet' on winning this month's competition. CatsVet was proclaimed winner after a draw of all the correct entries! CatsVet's prize is a night at the fabulous VIOLATE DUNGEON. See pics in the Competition area! July 6
Members-Competition Watch this space for news of this months winner July 3
Members Another person requesting to have their contact details deleted because they have found their partner:)))))) Who knows .. that might be you next:)) June 21
Market Lots of new goodies in the US Market. Violet Wands, Power Units, Tens units and accessories. Rupert Huse and Son reguarly send units to UK buyers so don't be put off because they are in US June 9
Members-Competition Competition entries are coming in - have you given yourself the chance to win this great prize??? June 8
Members-Competition Take a look at our Fabulous New Competition Prize - could be your dream come true:)) June 6
Members-Competition Competition results up and news of the next one June 3
Members-Storyboard Two new poems from Wicked Kev:)) June 3
Members-Competition Comptition closed!! We had 3 correct entries which will be placed in a draw - watch this space:)) Who will be the winner of the Tawse? New Comptition soon!!! June 1
Members-Competition Have you entered the competition yet? Last entries in tomorrow evening - hurry if you wish to be included! May 30
Members Classified: Anything you wish to sell? To find? To ask? To Advertise?? Add your own in the Classified section now! May 24
Members Personal Services - new Dommes for your pleasure:)))) May 23
Members Why not enter your bio and pic?? Tell the other members about yourself:)) May 16
Members-Storyboard A great new story from OMaster 'Two Become One' May 13
Members-Printables Valuable references for you to print off and use when away from your computer. The first 'Printables' are sub/Dom/me agreements May 12
Members Exciting New section for Pro Dom/mes. Pics, contact details and comments May 11
Members-Gallery Great new pics from Steve May 8
Members-Storyboard Impure fiction - new story from Avizandum May 7
Members We are preparing a new section for ProDom/mes. If you would like to be included please mail us May 5
Members HAPPY MAY DAY:)))))))))))))) Do you have anything to sell? are you looking for something? Go into our Classifieds section and put up your own advert:) May 1
Members-Competition Have you entered the COMPETITION??? try your hand at winning a great TAWSE donated by M C Customs. April 30
Market New Advertiser - KinkySteel with great collars and cuffs April 29
Market New - Male genital cages, for that secure feeling:)from Kentucky Woman April 28
Market Look at our new section Rubenesque Roses if you have bums and boobs:)) A new section to complement our Voluptuous Vixens. You can also mail Glen at who will make clothes to order April 26
Members-Competition Enter our NEW Competition and win a Superb Tawse made specially for us by M C Customs - look within the Members area. Not a Member? Mail us April 21