Wheelchair users can be perverts too!

Being a wheelchair user doesn't make a person non-sexual. We have the same desires and libido as "normal" people, and that includes a variety of kinks and perversions.

Our sexual interests present a whole host of things we need to watch for, be careful of and generally protect ourselves against. Being a wheelchair user, as either Dominant or submissive, brings a whole new set of complications, but can also add a whole new dimension of possibilities. Being the submissive of, or Dominant to, a wheelchair user also requires thought. These pages are intended to be an awareness raising exercise for anyone who is, or may come to be, in a D/s relationship in which a wheelchair is the third partner.

Biography, Access, Safety, Psychological,

Clubs & Dungeons, Techniques


What gives me the right to write these pages? Simple. I'm a wheelchair user and have been for 7 years and a pervert for many years before that.

I don't claim these pages contain all you need to know. They don't. But they should act as a starting point and give you, the dear reader, some things to think about.

Neither is everything here correct. Every wheelchair user is different, these thoughts are just based on my opinions and experiences. I welcome all comment and additions.

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Access is a very important issue. Be aware of not only obvious issues such as steps but also less obvious ones such as floor coverings.

Steps are usually a problem, but not always, check.

The width of the wheelchair is also a consideration.


Most importantly what works for one wheelchair user probably wont work for another.

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In addition to the usual safety issues a wheelchair creates it's own unique problems.

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Being a wheelchair user gives a whole new perspective on life.

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Being disabled does not make a person any less capable as a D/s participant, despite the opinions of some less than qualified people within the scene.

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